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Provides an inline lightbox




raptus.inlinelightbox provides a inline lightbox jQuery plugin which is highly customizable.


1.0b20 (2014-04-15)

  • bugfixes

1.0b19 (2014-04-15)

  • Image alignment is now ltr/rtl aware

1.0b18 (2013-09-09)

  • Added missing icons

1.0b17 (2013-09-09)

  • Changed icons

1.0b16 (2013-07-03)

  • Backwards compatibility for jQuery < 1.7

1.0b15 (2013-07-01)

  • Adjusted javascript initialization to work with the new component selection functionality introduced in raptus.article.core 2.0b13
  • Added touch support

1.0b14 (2013-04-29)

  • Added new configuration option (responsive) to make it possible to use the lightbox in a container having a flexible width

1.0b13 (2011-07-21)

  • Fixed lightbox initilization (jQuery attribute selector did no longer work)
  • Fixed lightbox if showLoading was set to true (hide previous image while loading the next one)

1.0b12 (2011-07-20)

  • Fixed flickering between image changes if loading is not displayed
  • Fixed bugs in IE 6-8

1.0b11 (2011-07-19)

  • Fixed bug in IE (6-9) where the links defined by the linkSelector property where not accessible

1.0b10 (2011-06-07)

  • Added new settings to define vertical and horizontal alignment for the image if using fixedHeight and/or fixedWidth
  • Added new settings to specify the link attribute

1.0b9 (2011-05-09)

  • Center the image in fixedWidth and/or fixedHeight lightboxes also if only one is available

1.0b8 (2011-05-09)

  • Fixed bug in FF 4.0 (image size calculation was wrong because the image was not loaded completely)

1.0b7 (2010-12-08)

  • IE fixes for auto fading

1.0b6 (2010-12-08)

  • Added possibility to set starting image for auto starting lightboxes

1.0b5 (2010-12-3)

  • Add new property to specified a element for binding the linkSelector

1.0b4 (2010-11-29)

  • Removed jQuery.proxy usage to preserve plone 3 compatibility

1.0b3 (2010-11-10)

  • CSS and JavaScript Bugfixes for Internet Explorer
  • Added callback functionality
  • Fixed fade effect (previous image is now fading out while the current one is fading in)

1.0b2 (2010-10-20)

  • First public release


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