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Toolbox for manipulating the JSON-Format used by Synth Riders Beatmap Editor in the clipboard



Synth Mapping Helper

Toolbox for manipulating the JSON-Format used by Synth Riders Beatmap Editor in the clipboard.


For more info on each feature, check out the wiki

  • Filter by note and wall types for all operations
  • Changing type of notes and walls
    • Can cycle between multiple colors to make "rainbows" or alternate between single hand specials and regular notes
  • Change BPM indepenent of note timing (helpful if you have a map with different BPM sections)
  • Movement in XY and Time:
    Note: All operation can be done in regards to grid center, a pivot point, or the start of rails
    • Rotate
    • Scale and mirror
    • Outset (moving outwards/away by a fixed distance)
    • Offset (Translate/Move)
    • Stacking patterns
  • Pattern generation
    • Spirals/Zigzags
    • Spike/Buzz-Rails
    • Stack along rails
  • Rail manipulation
    • Merging
    • Splitting
    • Interpolation
    • Convert between single notes and rails
    • Snapping single notes to rails
  • Cross-Platform (Windows, Linux)
    • For Windows, supports drag and drop actions (fully usable without command prompt)
  • Imports directly from clipboard, and export to it
  • Uses an internal format that is easy to work with (wiki page):
    • Position in editor grid coordinates (+x=right, +y=up)
    • Time in measures (starting from start of selection)
    • Angles in degrees (positive=counterclockwise)
    • Notes/Rails seperated by color and as n x 3 numpy-arrays (x, y, time)
    • Walls as 1 x 5 numpy-arrays (x, y, time, type, rotation)
    • Walls positions are adjusted to match their rotation center
  • Companion application:
    • Automatic backups while mapping
    • Plot notes to spot outliers
    • View hand velocity and acceleration to find sections to smooth out
    • Show wall density and estimatation which ones will not render on quest
    • Fix wall offset between editor and game ("Finalize")

Maybe (contributions welcome)

  • GUI for common operations
  • Automatic smoothing

How to Install and use

Advanced users

  • Install via pip3 install synth_mapping_helper (requires Python 3.9 or higher)
  • See python3 -m synth_mapping_helper.cli -h for usage of the clipboard manipulation
  • See python3 -m synth_mapping_helper.companion -h for usage of the companion
  • Feel free to experiment with extending functionality by using the module functions directly. If you have something that you think could help other mappers, please make a PR


See this wiki page for detailed instructions, including screenshots.


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