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A companion package for simple-salesforce that enables the testing of code that interacts with Salesforce's API




This library was inspired by moto and mimics some of its design. Mainly, no simple-salesforce code is patched; instead, the HTTP calls it makes are intercepted, and state is stored in an in-memory, virtual Salesforce organization, which is just a globally instantiated class that is created at the run-time of a test-suite.


pip install simple-mockforce

or, with poetry

poetry add simple-mockforce


To patch calls to the Salesforce API and instead interact with the "virtual" Salesforce organization provided by this library, add the following:

import os

from simple_mockforce import mock_salesforce

from simple_salesforce import Salesforce

def test_api():
    # The username, password, and security token are ignored - any value will work.
    salesforce = Salesforce(

    response = salesforce.Account.create({"Name": "Test Account"})

    account_id = response["id"]

    account = salesforce.Account.get(account_id)

    assert account["Name"] == "Test Account"

And that's about it!


Case sensitivity

Unlike a real Salesforce organization, the virtual organization will not handle case-insensitive dependent code for you. You must remain consistent with your casing of object and field names in all aspects of the code.

Missing endpoints

The following features are currently not supported:

  • the describe API
  • bulk queries
  • SOSL searches


SOQL is only partially supported as of now. Please refer to the README for python-soql-parser to see what's not yet implemented.

You should only expect this library to be able to mock the most basic of queries. While there are plans to, mocking query calls which traverse object relationships or that use SOQL-specific where-clause tokens are not yet supported.

Notable mentions:

  • be explicit with direction in ORDER BY clauses, i.e., always supply DESC or ASC
  • attributes of parent objects can be specified in the select clause (but not in the where clause)

Error handling

Error handling is only mocked to a degree, and for some calls it isn't at all. This is because the virtual Salesforce organization does not yet enforce any of the server-side validation you might encounter when working with the real API.

This means that the virtual organization is much more permissive and loose than a real Salesforce organization would be.

There are plans to read the XML consumed by the meta API in order to enforce more rigidity inside the virtual organization, but this is not yet implemented.

All HTTP traffic is blocked

When using @mock_salesforce, do note that the requests library is being patched with responses, so any calls you make to any other APIs will fail unless you patch them yourself, or patch the code which invokes said calls.


Relations are the weakest part of this library, and some features are just plain not supported yet.

If you have a relational field that points to an object whose name cannot be inferred from the field name (e.g., from Account__r it can be inferred that this is pointing to an Account object), you can create a file called relations.json that translates a relational field name to your intended Salesforce object's name. See relations.json in the test folder for an example.

To specify the location of relations.json, set an environment variable called MOCKFORCE_RELATIONS_ROOT which points to the parent folder of relations.json. Note, this defaults to the current directory ..



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