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Taking back the Internet

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About Daplie: We're taking back the Internet!

Down with Google, Apple, and Facebook!

We're re-decentralizing the web and making it read-write again - one home cloud system at a time.

Tired of serving the Empire? Come join the Rebel Alliance: | Invest in Daplie on Wefunder | Pre-order Cloud, The World's First Home Server for Everyone

Daplie Tools

Taking Back the Internet!

That's what we're doing and that's what these tools are for.

What can I do with 'em?

daplie-tools is a CLI suite of tools for managing Internet infrastructure:

  • Manage Domains

    • purchase your own domain
    • transfer from your current registrar
    • get a subdomain
  • Manage DNS

    • Glue Records
    • Domain Nameservers
    • Static Record Types (CNAME, MX, SRV, TXT)
    • Device (server) Record Types (A, AAAA)
  • Dynamic DNS (DDNS)

    • Managed with Device API

(NAT automation and Reverse VPN purchase are planned for the future)


This is alpha software (not quite beta yet).

We're intending this to be used by people that are happy to submit to us bug reports and not give up when it doesn't work quite right.

(remember: computers are like people - no two are alike and although it works as expected for everyone else, it will somehow fail for you)


# install node.js 4.3 or greater
curl -sL | bash

# install daplie-tools
npm install -g daplie-tools

Note: you will need curl and git installed.

With Development Tools

# install various daplie scripts to /usr/local/bin
curl -sL | bash

# install node.js 4.3 or greater

# install daplie-tools
npm install -g daplie-tools

If you don't want to use the scripts you can always download node.js here: (but then you have to fix permissions on /usr/local and perhaps deal with quirks).


Download and install the node.js installer from

npm install -g daplie-tools

Windows is not as well tested, but our goal is to make it a first-class citizen, so please open issues for anything that doesn't work as you expect. I just got a Surface Book (yay!) so hopefully I'll find the bugs before you do. We shall see.

Choosing your provider for testing

Use the --provider option to choose which identity issuer and resource audience you will be using: (the default is

daplie --provider domains:list

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Get a subdomain

In short, you just enter the purchase console, type the domain you want, and end with

daplie domains:search

Oh, and you can also script the domain purchase directly:

daplie help domains:search

daplie domains:search --domainnames "" --tip 1 -max-purchase-price 1

Note: although we don't check right now, excessive use of domains will be reclaimed. If you have a large number of users you would like to supply domains for, email and I'll help you get your own domain set up for your users.

Purchase your own .com, .org, .net, etc

  1. Open the purchase console
  2. Type the name of the domain you want
  3. If it is not available the price turns into N/A
  4. Follow the prompts once you find an available domain
daplie domains:search

Oh, and you can also script the domain purchase directly:

daplie help domains:search

daplie domains:search --domainnames "," --tip 1 -max-purchase-price 30

Transfer a Domain

Before you can transfer a domain, there are a few things you need to do through the company you bought it from:

  2. You must UNLOCK your domain
  3. You must get an EPP Transfer Code (the name may vary by registrar)
  4. Copy your DNS records (copy and paste, screenshot, csv, whatever they offer)

Note: Usually your DNS records will remain active with your current company for 2 weeks or more, but don't forget to transfer them over.

With the EPP code you can perform the transfer in this format:

daplie domains:search --domainnames 'DOMAIN1:EPP1,DOMAIN2:EPP2'


daplie domains:search --domainnames '^%efea$#!0,'
  1. It will take 1-10 days for the transfer to complete
  2. Make sure that you have added your DNS records to our nameservers (See Manage DNS section below)
  3. You must update the nameservers once the transfer completes
  4. Wait anywhere between a few minutes and a few days for the changes to propagate


# Set the nameservers to Daplie defaults
daplie ns:set -n --defaults

DO NOT DO THIS until you've copied the DNS records over (see the next section Manage DNS)

Or set custom nameservers like this:

# See the help
daplie help ns
daplie help ns:set

# See the current nameservers
daplie ns:list -n

# Set vanity nameservers
daplie ns:set -n --nameservers ','

Manage DNS with Servers (Digital Ocean, Azure, AWS, etc)

  1. Set IP address to each device (names are arbitrary)
  2. Set the device to corresponding domains
  3. Set non-device records
daplie devices:set --device 'aws-west-1' --addresses ',::1'

daplie devices:attach --device 'aws-west-1' -n ''

# Example setting up mailgun
daplie dns:set -n --type MX --answer --ttl 3600
daplie dns:set -n --type MX --answer --ttl 3600
daplie dns:set -n --type CNAME --answer --ttl 3600

Note: (ANAME and FWD records are not yet supported)

Dynamic DNS with Raspberry Pi, Router, cron, etc

  1. Set IP address to each device (names are arbitrary)
  2. Set the device to corresponding domains
  3. Set non-device records
daplie devices:set --device 'rpi2' --addresses ',::1'

daplie devices:attach --device 'rpi2' -n ''

daplie devices:token --device 'rpi2'

Now schedule cron with a script to check your IP address every 5 minutes or so and then run curl with the url+token if the IP has changed.

Note: (A more comprehensive devices:update method will be implemented soon)

Why do we require a credit card?

Many of the popular free DNS services are blocked by corporate, government, and school firewalls because of abuse from non-paying anonymous users.

In order to ensure that our service remains available to all of our users we require a valid credit card and physical address as a method of deterring abusive and/or malicious users.

White-Label Subdomains and/or Dynamic DNS

You could offer your subdomains to your users in the same way that we offer subdomains for our users.

Right now that's a manual process. If you're interested contact

Vanity Nameservers

More often than not, the company that you pay for your domain will set your nameservers automatically to promote their brand, something like:,

Vanity Nameservers promote your brand instead. So if you own you would want the nameservers,, etc.

Right now Daplie Domains uses generically branded nameservers, but we plan to move to completely using Vanity Nameservers before our public launch.

To play with Vanity Nameservers (WARNING: you may experience DNS resolution issues while we are still in development) you can set the nameserver glue records for your domain to us even today:

daplie glue:set -n --defaults

daplie ns:set -n --nameservers ','

You can, of course, also use your own nameservers too:


daplie glue:set -n --address
daplie glue:set -n --address

daplie ns:set -n --nameservers ','




daplie-tools is developed by AJ ONeal.


This is an Alpha, so we really just bump the build version.

When it goes into RC is when we'll try to keep all of the command flags the same so that scripts you build won't break.

The format is: v<major.minor.patch>-<class>+<build>

More information is available at


daplie-tools is licensed under the MPLv2 license.



Package last updated on 09 Jun 2017

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